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Sailing Conditions

The waves affect everyone differently, but this is a good guild line to go by.
1 foot to 2 feetCalm Seas and anyone can go
3 feetChoppy Seas and we recommend over the counter motion sickness medication the day before and day of your cruise.
4 feetRough Seas and we recommend seasoned sailors only or passengers who have been on our ship many times.
5 feetCancel
• We sail if the seas are 4 feet or less.

• The Captain of the vessel makes the final decision, not the Casino Manager.
• Jacks or Better does offer Dramamine at the Reservations counter and on board for sell.   
• If you do get sick, Jacks or Better will give a $20 chip that can be used on our table games. In addition you’re next boarding will be complimentary. We’ll hand them out at the time of disembarkation.

Jacks or Better Casino–we care about your comfort and wish to make your ride a pleasant and winning one!





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