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Exclusive Table Games

SHOOTOUT POKER:  JOB has invented Shootout Poker™. It is the only casino table game which allows players to play against each other and concurrently play against the house. After the River card is revealed, bets against the House end and wagering begins between players begins. The House does not participate in the Player action. If you like Hold ‘em, you’ll love this exciting table game version. Easy to understand and puts the heart of the game back into play.

Classic Table Games

BLACKJACK: Blackjack players will enjoy favorable odds on our tables. Where insurance pays 2 to 1, Blackjack pays three to two, the dealer stands on soft 17. You can double on any two cards. Split aces once, and double any split other than aces.

BLACKJACK SWITCH: Blackjack players love this twist on the game. Play two hands & switch the top two cards. Usual rules thereafter. Bj pays 1:1, Insurance 2:1 Dealer push on 22.

CRAPS:  Craps table. Five times odds behind the pass line. Craps tutorial offered on the way out to the nine mile limit.

ROULETTE: Two roulette tables.

BACCARAT: We have the Panda (25:1) & the Dragon (40:1) added to the game. Commission 5% on winning bank hands.

CHUCK-A-LUCK: Classic 19th C. game played with 3 dice in a cage. Ways to win are endless, easy, not complicated. Lots of fun.

LET IT RIDE: A version of Texas Hold’em. Lot of action, multiple betting.

THREE CARD POKER: Everybody loves this game. Wish we had more room, tables are usually packed.

Exclusive Slot Machines


200 Ticket-In/Ticket-Out  machines. A wide variety, including Modern Gaming’s brand new Dual-Screen Multi-Themed games.

Las Vegas Slot Machines

Jacks or Better is proud to present an assortment of 180 of the latest and best Slots anywhere. Video poker, Blackjack, Dual screen super slots, and super progressive jackpots. Mfgs. include AGS, Bally, IGT, Modern Gaming, and ISI.  Ticket-In/Ticket-Out! with a high percentage of payouts. All games will print and accept tickets. No more heavy and dirty coins to carry or cash in. Pick your denomination! From $.01 to $5.


We have installed a virtual sportsbook that allows you to bet on any sporting event in the world, either current or future. For example you could bet a tennis match at Wimbledon or a race at Aqueduct. Naturally all professional and collegiate sports are on the menu. Events that don’t end before the cruise is over are paid the next day. Favorite bets are future odds for finals and championship games in both college and pro sports. The events can be watched at our two new sports bars on either deck. Both have multiple screens and counter sports betting.


There is an ATM machine on board. Credit card cash advances and check cashing are available as well. We use Global Cash Advance where there is a 5% service charge.


A Player’s Club will be established to monitor attendance and play so as to be fair to all customers. Our goal is to reward consistent play and higher stakes gaming.


Limits range from $5-$500 on each table. Special arrangements must be made in advance with our Casino Manager or General Manager either while on board during the trip out to the 9 mile limit or on land in the casino office to up the limits.

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